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Print Shop

Our extensive print shop is ready to help expand your small business.

From product labels to business cards, custom cheques to invoice books - we do it all! Contact us for a free quote!

Business Cards

Not only do we specialize in branding, but we can put your logo on pretty much anything!

Everyone needs business cards. And ours start at just $45 - including design.

x250 Cards for $55

x500 Cards for $70

x1000 Cards for $110

Bulk Quantities Available


• Gloss or Matte Finish

• Rectangle or Square Shapes

• Rounded Corners

• Soft Touch & Textured Cardstock

• PVC Plastic Waterproof Cardstock

• Metallic Foil & Pearlescent

• Embossed Glossing

• Recycled, Kraft & Vegan Paper 

Custom Labels

Our Stickers & Label Rolls are some of the best quality in the province! And at a great price! 

Help your products stand out with professional labels & branding.

• Starting as low as 2¢ /label
• Gloss, Matte, Foil, or Texture
• Waterproof Vinyl or Paper Stock
• Cold Resistant (Perfect for Freezers)
• Custom Shapes & Sizes
• Small Orders (as few as x50)
• Bulk Orders (x1,000+)
• Layout Design Included

Contact us for a FREE QUOTE!


Like we mentioned, we can put your logo on ANYTHING! 

• Office: Mousepads, Letterheads, Stationery,                    Envelopes & Seals, Cheques, Invoice Books

• Garments: Embroidery & Heat Press available for          Tshirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Blankets, Hats,                    Toques, Tote Bags, Facemasks

• Giveaways: Drinkware, Pens, Keychains, Toys

        Temporary Tattoos, 

• Food: Candy, Chocolates, Mints, Water Bottles

• Gadgets: USB Drives, Phone Cases, Pop-sockets

Sketch Book

Coming Soon

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